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Fraiku for the Sunset

Day stretches out like a deserttoo long — too longsun grinding me down

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Grateful for Blueberries

Grateful for Blueberries Blueberry pie may be purplebut it tastes like the bluesummer sky reflectingoff a cold mirror lakein New England. I brace for the shockas flavor soaks my tongueand drown in a sweetthanksgiving. (Another prompt combo: blue and gratitude.)

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Angry Afternoons on Whispers and Echoes

Whispers and Echoes has published one of my new poems on the timely theme of summer, titled Angry Afternoons. My thanks to their editor Sammi Cox.

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The Cardinal

The cardinal pontificates from the upper branchesvivid red feathers glinting in the sunI watch him flash from limb to limbtree to tree — inspired by his ambition I scribble details in my notebookhow he contrasts with the sharp green leavesthe … Continue reading

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Fraiku: A Boy’s Summer

Inviting trees to climbmushrooms and red berries to fearfireflies to torture

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At The Beach

At The Beach My castle stood resoluteramparts thick and towers tallseashell embellishmentsand a broken sand dollar sundialsafe in the keep As shadows grew longerwaves eroded wallsthe tide flooded the moat And I celebratedan honest day’s work

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Fraiku: July

July returns about the same time every yearthe woman who lives next door walks her dogsbarefoot in the North Carolina grass (For this week’s Living Poetry Prompt, an American Haiku since I blew through the Japanese style syllable limit.)

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Haiku: Left Arm

Left arm sunburnInterstate median irisesSummer roadtrip

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Summer Haiku

These verdant mountainsfeasting on solstice sunshineand a thunderstorm For today’s Solstice Poetry Prompt from Living Poetry.

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Fraiku: Thunderstorm

Heavy humid heatScraped from exhausted leavesSummer thunderstorm

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