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Ocean Haiku

Ocean Haiku Pale white eye rises from the horizonWaves pulling sand from under my feetA hungry tide wonders if I can swim For today’s Living Poetry prompt.  

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New Year’s Haiku

New moon yoked to the earthdrudging us like a plowaround the sun again Happy Year of the Ox!

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The Great Conjunction Haiku

Summer trianglepoints to the great conjunctionat winter’s solstice

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November 18 Haiku

New moon smiles in the westHer majesty escorted by two giantsAll around the world poets swoon   At twilight tonight and tomorrow, check out the western sky and you’ll see the crescent moon with two bright stars, which are the … Continue reading

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Stair Step Haiku

climbing is tiresomebut the effort requiredis so worth the view

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Danger Haiku

We’re just like childrenfighting over the last slice of piein a house on fire.

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Storm Haiku

I was struck by lightningscorch marks on my lipsfrom your kiss

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November Molting

May we break free from this ugly shell a better country (from this week’s Living Poetry Prompt)

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We’re all just particles of music vibrating alone in the cosmos searching for harmony     (Image by Mandy Myers)

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Haiku: A bad apple spoils the bunch

A bad apple spoils the bunch Some proverbs ring true Claiming there are just a few bad apples Confirms the bunch is rotten

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