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Danger Haiku

We’re just like childrenfighting over the last slice of piein a house on fire.

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Storm Haiku

I was struck by lightningscorch marks on my lipsfrom your kiss

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November Molting

May we break free from this ugly shell a better country (from this week’s Living Poetry Prompt)

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We’re all just particles of music vibrating alone in the cosmos searching for harmony     (Image by Mandy Myers)

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Haiku: A bad apple spoils the bunch

A bad apple spoils the bunch Some proverbs ring true Claiming there are just a few bad apples Confirms the bunch is rotten

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Purple Aurora

Let’s try an ekphrastic poem today.   Purple Aurora Northern lights erupt like a baleful purple flame our planet on fire  

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Online Dating Haiku

Mining for true gold in online personal ads all I find — pyrite (from the Monday Living Poetry Prompt)

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October Heatwave Haiku

Rusted leaves recoil Landing on scorching pavement October heatwave (The high temperature today was 98F/36C.)  

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I Write Her Weekly Haiku/Senryu Challenge #27

Her sly supple skin painted with welcoming words I’m eager to read   (I follow a lot of poetry blogs and see various challenges floating around but this particular visual prompt by Bill Wadman got my attention, I assume the … Continue reading

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Today’s Zen calendar offered an excellent American Haiku: cucumber unaccountably cucumbering It was written by Paul Reps and I’m ashamed to admit that I hadn’t heard of him before so I did some cyber-stalking and now commend his work to … Continue reading

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