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Fraiku: St. Michan’s

He’s still dead after 800 years. Plant me under a tree for immortality. I prefer not to reveal the inspiration for my poems but I think this one needs a little context. I visited St. Michan’s Church today and took … Continue reading

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Haiku for the Moon

She shines her sideways smileFrom too low in the skyPolaris too high Image taken from my hotel room with my phone. She looms much larger in my mind’s eye.

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Fraiku: Jet Lag

I walk alien streets Beneath clouds just crossed Yet my head remains fogged

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Fraiku: Bad Habits

Pull cork from bottle Save in drawer for your collection But never see you again

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Fraiku: Me & Wolves

I write poetry with the same intent as wolves howling at the moon

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Fraiku: Halloween

Streetlight shadows dancelike a Witches’ Sabbatheyes glow under my bed

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The Great Pumpkin Moon on Spillwords

I’m pleased to announce that one of my Halloween Haiku, The Great Pumpkin Moon, was published over at Spillwords earlier today.

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Fraiku: Republicans

Sheep who’ll vote for a wolfbecause he promises to eatthe Black ones first Have you voted yet?Early voting began in NC yesterday.Check your stateand don’t vote for wolves.

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Fraiku: Political Ads

Like the sexy assistant they distract from the magician picking your pocket Don’t let them steal your vote either. Today’s the deadline for registering in North Carolina. Even if you think your registered double-check. Early voting starts soon.

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Fraiku: Tehran and Washington

Women march in the streetprotesting theocracymaybe Gods are the problem

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