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Fraiku: Traveling through the Dark

I wonder what it’d be like to live where no blinking red lights marred the heroic night sky that never cared less (for William Stafford from whom I stole the title and the heroic sky that never cared less.)

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Haiku for the Moon

She shines her sideways smileFrom too low in the skyPolaris too high Image taken from my hotel room with my phone. She looms much larger in my mind’s eye.

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Fraiku: Night Gems

More diamonds and rubiesstrewn across the night skythan are found on Earth Photo from the JWST. To celebrate the Sorta-Sonnets posted on Whispers & Echoes, I stole two lines from each of the seven published works and made a pastiche … Continue reading

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Like my muse.

Today, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem about a very large thing. Like my muse. Standing on the sidewalk at the foot of the Sears Towerin downtown Chicago, I was a little boy marvelingat looking up nearly … Continue reading

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I’ll never know why

For today’s prompt, write a second chance poem. I’ll never know why Why she stopped replyingto my texts and emails It was probably something I saidsince I usually say too much Looking up on a clear nightjoking about Virgo or … Continue reading

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My Valentine’s Day Gift

I can’t give you the moon and stars,but you’re always welcome to lookthrough my telescope. (This haiku also appeared as part of the Haikuniverse Valentine’s Day marathon.)

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Luna’s Lament

Luna’s Lament Isn’t that just like a man?Visit six times in three yearsthen ghost for more than fifty. Worse still, peeping at methrough telescopes at night,buzzing me with drones. I am so done with Apollo’s male gaze.My tears have frozen … Continue reading

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Fraiku: Christmas Eve

In still winter airpinprick stars on strings danglethe dome of heaven

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Eclipse published at Sledgehammer Lit

I’m proud to announce that my poem Eclipse has been published by the Sledgehammer Literary Journal. I like that they chose to post it on the day before the December Solstice since this little poem was inspired by another astronomical … Continue reading

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Looking Back

Looking Backfor the James Webb Space Telescope Far past the dark side of the moonNever again to feel the warmthOf human breath or touch I need absolute cold for my workTo stare for days unblinkingSift light into colors Note the … Continue reading

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