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Feathers at Spillwords

I’m pleased to announce that an old poem of mine was just published on Spillwords. It’s called Feathers and that’s the only place you’ll find it so give it some love.

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How to Create a Killer

How to Create a Killer It’s easysubtract kindnessadd grievanceleave a trail of bloodin the television spotlightred as maple leavesin autumn

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Walking in the Woods

Walking in the Woods My peace was accostedfrom a nearby roadby the invasive racketof an impromptu drag racebetween two carswith self esteem problems Can trees be jerks toostinking up their foreststripping their neighbors’ rootsthe meek pinned and punishedjust for stretchingto … Continue reading

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A Droid’s Lament

Happy May the Fourth! A Droid’s Lament They wiped my annoying friend’s memoryso I don’t tell him what I knowthat I can see the plot unfoldingthe minor roles we must play If my manufacturer had installeda voice interface I’d spoil … Continue reading

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Fraiku: Purpose

The purpose of a porpoisepostulated precisely in a pleasing poemthat the porpoise’s purpose’s play (For this week’s Living Poetry Prompt and, just in case you missed it, my poem At the Beach appeared on Whispers and Echoes yesterday.)

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Allegro & Adagio

I just got my copy of Allegro & Adagio, Dance Poems Vol. II. It’s a beautiful book with hundreds of poems about all things dance. If you’re about to begin the annual frenzy of consumption, you should definitely consider this … Continue reading

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Month End Report

The goal of National Poetry Month is survival and after participating in three poetry workshops, reading at two events, attending another reading, writing poetry on demand, writing while kayaking on the Haw River, writing while taking the Poet’s Walk and … Continue reading

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World Without Consequences

“Some people are born on third base and go through life thinking they hit a triple.” ~ Barry Switzer They had every advantage and took them all. Every birthday car, provided. Every speeding ticket, fixed. Every drunken accident, forgotten. They … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day

My mother requested a poem for Mother’s Day. It is shared here with her kind permission. Anchors I used to get anchors stuck in my eye when I was a boy playing in the woods. It wasn’t until I was … Continue reading

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July (a workshop poem)

The Holly Springs workshop Saturday went very well. We had twelve participants and I was impressed that everyone was willing to share poems they’d written in under five minutes mere moments before. For my random prompt, I rolled a 12-sided … Continue reading

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