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Pushcart Prize Nominations

Photo by Pixabay on The Pushcart Prize Nominations have been submitted by Prolific Pulse Press LLC As I read through all the poetry from this year to select just the right ones, it was a difficult job, but when…

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Fraiku: For my Muse

Yesterday, Whispers and Echoes published For my Muse, the last of the haiku I submitted to their Haiku on Healing series, so I’m using it for my Friday haiku this week. Enjoy!

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Doctor Verse | Bartholomew Barker

Originally posted on Whispers and Echoes:
Don’t edit yourself Poetry is the fever Let it heal your mind Bartholomew Barker is an organizer of Living Poetry, a collection of poets in the Triangle region of North Carolina. His first poetry…

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World’s Largest Ball of Twine

Sure, wandering through cemeteries, sitting in libraries and writing haiku is a great way to spend a vacation but what about the World’s Largest Ball of Twine? Not far from Eisenhower’s grave is Cawker City, Kansas (population 469) home of … Continue reading

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Poet Interview – Bartholomew Barker

Originally posted on I Write Her: Grab a beverage of your choice and come spend some time with Bartholomew and Susi! You’ll learn more about the anthology and get to know Bartholomew a little better too. If you are…

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Heart Beats is Published!

We are thrilled to announce that Heart Beats: Anthology of Poetry has been published. Such a wonderful selection of poetry is now available for poetry lovers! What is Heart Beats? Heart Beats is an anthology of poetry about the various…

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Snow Cream

Snow Cream Before we poisoned the rain,I would headlong rushinto fresh fallen snow,carrying sugar and cream. Mixing shades of whitein my home-knit mitten,I would feast on sweetand ruin my dinner. Now I send my grandchildren outsideonly when suited up like … Continue reading

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The End

Originally posted on Extinction Rebellion Creative Hub:
by Bartholomew Barker, United States We ravaged our hotel room like an aging rock star after a career of gold records and groupies. We overachieved, accomplishments both gory and glorious. We flung our…

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Milkshakes and Chilidogs – by Bartholomew Barker

I read this awesome book of poetry by Bartholomew Barker. Here are just a few of the reviews for this book. You can get your own copy on Amazon

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Problem Haiku

It’s not protestersIt’s the rampaging policeThat are the problem

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