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Fraiku: Twilight

Night falls on democracy When the people fail to vote Be the dawn Vote early if you still can. Tuesday is Election Day.

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Bartholomew Barker

Originally posted on I Write Her:
Agata Samulska – Unsplash Roses I only pretend to smell the roseswhen I kiss their petals with lipschapped by twenty years of thirst. I never expected to live this longwithout you. For the Bird…

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Fraiku: Freedom

Why are those who cryFreedom loudest, waving the flag,the first to ban books? for Banned Books Week

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Social Justice Inks – Anthology of Poetry is LIVE

cover art by Kay Payne We are beyond excited to announce that Social Justice Inks – Anthology of Poetry is available on Amazon and many other online stores, there is also an ePub available via Lulu. Here are the Links:…

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Things Fall Apart by Bartholomew Barker

Originally posted on North of Oxford:
Things Fall Apart . I’d rather watch the vanities of man sag and collapse under the weight of years than to spend my weekends trimming hedges, touching up paint or soothing hinges with an…

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Winter Begins | Bartholomew Barker

Originally posted on Whispers and Echoes:
We’re all in trouble if the Sunkeeps sinking earlier and rising later No thaw in the Earth— no planting in springno harvest in autumn just a night with no dawn Snow piles higher— rivers…

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Pushcart Prize Nominations

Photo by Pixabay on The Pushcart Prize Nominations have been submitted by Prolific Pulse Press LLC As I read through all the poetry from this year to select just the right ones, it was a difficult job, but when…

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Fraiku: For my Muse

Yesterday, Whispers and Echoes published For my Muse, the last of the haiku I submitted to their Haiku on Healing series, so I’m using it for my Friday haiku this week. Enjoy!

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Doctor Verse | Bartholomew Barker

Originally posted on Whispers and Echoes:
Don’t edit yourself Poetry is the fever Let it heal your mind Bartholomew Barker is an organizer of Living Poetry, a collection of poets in the Triangle region of North Carolina. His first poetry…

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World’s Largest Ball of Twine

Sure, wandering through cemeteries, sitting in libraries and writing haiku is a great way to spend a vacation but what about the World’s Largest Ball of Twine? Not far from Eisenhower’s grave is Cawker City, Kansas (population 469) home of … Continue reading

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