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Fraiku: Supernova

I dream of two suns and four shadows as we waltz along the canal (for Betelgeuse, may you explode soon)

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Too many stars in the night sky I crave the darkness Too much light exposing the world I know enough already Bring me her unmapped body Extinguish light Leave mystery to be explored Leave enigma to be pondered Leave me … Continue reading

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Caliente published at Spillwords

I am very proud to announce that one of this year’s poems-a-day was just published over at Spillwords. I wrote Caliente on April 4th, just seven weeks ago. It went through a workshop two weeks later and, after minor revisions, … Continue reading

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Ephemeral Me

Her texts were once filled with emojis smiling little faces — red hearts arrived hourly Now I’m lucky to get one a day but I’m building a callous I’m just the mayfly who forgot to politely die in the twilight … Continue reading

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Fraiku: After Rain

Still mist drapes the air blessing butterfly kisses on my stubbly cheek

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Caramel and vanillaDrape the stale airLike the cyan dressFalling from her body She soothes me withKind attentionSmiling wordsFeminine touch My eyes follow hipsSwaying to musicUp the concavityTo her teacup breasts She dances barefootLeaning against meLike a pale celloBetween my legs … Continue reading

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Mathias published in the Lothlorien Poetry Journal

I’m proud to announce that a new poem of mine, Mathias, has been published in the Lothlorien Poetry Journal. It’s a sonnet about a girl and her horse. I hope you’ll give it a read. My gratitude to Strider Marcus … Continue reading

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Fraiku: Picnic in Mid-May

Tepid egg salad sandwiches ceaseless flies — polleny eyes a lovely day because of you (for this week’s Living Poetry Prompt: Picnic.)

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Jane Avril at the Moulin Rouge 1893

I let men believeThe rhythm of the bassMakes me lose controlOf my feetMy legsMy hipsThat I must yield toThe frantic beatThat I don’t mean toReveal these petticoatsBut of courseIt’s all a showAnd men are simpleTo control This year marks the … Continue reading

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Barefeet with Blue Nail Polish on the Dashboard

I wish my car was purple so it would match your hair, flying from the passenger seat, scented by lavender shampoo, as we speed along lilac roads, past falling wisteria and the sun subsides beneath an amethystine sky.

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