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Chana Saag, Hot

Chana Saag, Hot I set fire to my mouth with self delusion, misbelieving I could handle the spice. Water doesn’t put it out it spreads it around like flames and gasoline. Nose running, scalp sweating, lips smouldering. My stomach — … Continue reading

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Asthma More wheezing than breathing, like a blood pressure cuff tightening around my chest. Shoulders clenched to the neck, eyes glassy, diaphragm sore, exhausted from lack of air. More panic than pain, being wrung like a rag. You try relaxing … Continue reading

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I Write Her Weekly Haiku/Senryu Challenge #27

Her sly supple skin painted with welcoming words I’m eager to read   (I follow a lot of poetry blogs and see various challenges floating around but this particular visual prompt by Bill Wadman got my attention, I assume the … Continue reading

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Astronaut Sonnet

Astronaut Sonnet She floats in orbit around the pole wearing a skintight see-through spacesuit. She scans the club, observing the primitives who slip green paper into her Möbius garter. She doesn’t belong, neither angel nor alien, strutting eight inches above … Continue reading

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Hourglass Published

My poem Hourglass was published this morning on Olive Skins, a new online journal for surreal or abstract art. Check it out!  

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Remember? Remember when we fought Nazis instead of defending them? Remember when we liberated concentration camps instead of building them? Remember when we welcomed refugee children instead of jailing them? The greatest generation is dying and their grandchildren have become … Continue reading

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Lake House

Lake House She lies in forest Green fresh from rain Living breath of earth Cool summer morn Mirrored in the lake Spinning dawn ghosts Light spilling over Guarding mountains She welcomes me back Slipping her doors With comfortable warmth ‘Round … Continue reading

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Men at Work

Men at Work Watching men work their way down the bar, talking to women, unintroduced. The ladies play with these Lotharios like cats with mice. I envy the prey. I am alien here. A poet lost in a strange land, … Continue reading

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Spring — Seventh Grade

or Before my First Pair of Glasses Trees were blobs of green as I counted the days to summer vacation. Chalk on the blackboard smudged meaningless until called to the front to diagram a sentence. My teacher’s face — a … Continue reading

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You leapt into my arms knocking me on balance a phantom limb restored  

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