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Fraiku: Doctor Verse

Don’t edit yourselfPoetry is the feverLet it heal your mind

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Andromeda Growing up, my girl next door was called Andy.I just assumed gravity would bring us together—like two galaxies slowly merging over a lifetime. It might still happen though we’re no longer neighbors—not that that matters in this age of … Continue reading

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Fraiku: Politics

When conservatives claim government is brokenThey aren’t complainingThey’re bragging

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Honeymoon They stand hip deep in the oceanawaiting the wave’s crescendo It doesn’t care how much they loveeach other— it will wash over them and they will either stand strongor be swept out to sea (For two prompts: LP’s June … Continue reading

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Fraiku: Baseball

Crack— a leather orbclimbs to heaven while moonriselooms over left field

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Mulberries Published at MasticadoresUSA!

My poem Mulberries in the Piedmont has been published by Masticadores USA. I encourage all my fellow poets to check out Masticadores and send them your work. All thanks to their editor, Gabriela Marie Milton!

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I dreamt I was walking my dogs under the light of the moons.

I dreamt I was walking my dogsunder the light of the moons. The Greater Moon was full—glowing porcelain above our headswhile the Lesser Moon was a ruddycrescent setting in the west. We returned to the backyard and howled,all three of … Continue reading

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Fraiku: Thunderstorm

Heavy humid heatScraped from exhausted leavesSummer thunderstorm

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The sun’s no hotter

The sun’s no hotter It’s just the atmospheresoaking it all inlike a pasty beach bodywith no SPF Burning We slept too longskin red as a tornadoon doppler or a lobsterboiling in a pot This is the inheritanceof my angry children—blisters … Continue reading

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Sonnet composed while waiting for Anaphylaxis

Sonnet composed while waiting for Anaphylaxis I couldn’t be certainI wasn’t already sickand just not snufflingso I wore my mask. Every day I took my temperatureto see if it had raisedinto the triple-digitsbut I remained stubbornly cool. Today a second … Continue reading

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