Poetry Books

Wednesday Night Regular CoverBartholomew Barker published his first poetry book, Wednesday Night Regular, in November 2013. It is available for purchase on lulu.com for $9.95.

Like the topless dancers the club is known for, the verse teases and slowly reveals itself to readers. Romantic and sensual, the poems bring readers a dizzying taste of night club life.

~ Tara Lynne Groth

“…a sensitive, fine interlacing of emotions and observations of the play between women and men.”

~ Angelika Teuber

The emotional honesty will knock your socks off.

~ JeanMarie Olivieri

MCSmall.jpgHis second poetry collection, Milkshakes and Chilidogs, a chapbook of food poems, was published in August 2017. It’s available for purchase on Amazon for $4.95. There’s also an e-book version for $1.99.

“… a feast for the senses.” ~ Angelika Teuber

“Barker has served up a winning recipe in this toothsome read.” ~ JeanMarie Olivieri

“This book pairs well with any meal. Bon appétit!” ~ Tara Lynne Groth

2 Responses to Poetry Books

  1. mandy says:

    Imma have to buy these sometime =)


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