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Last Meal

Last Meal From death rowI want my last mealto be Thanksgiving A crackling brown turkeycarved by my fatherwith a serrated knifemy mother prefersthe tasty dark meatgive me the juicy whitemy brother mixed stuffingwith his bare handsspiced with too much sagelumpy … Continue reading

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November 18 Haiku

New moon smiles in the westHer majesty escorted by two giantsAll around the world poets swoon   At twilight tonight and tomorrow, check out the western sky and you’ll see the crescent moon with two bright stars, which are the … Continue reading

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She reads by moonlight

She reads by moonlight—real books of ink and paper.She watches televisionwith the sound off. She leaves Spotify runningas she fades to sleep—volume low as a blanketso she’ll dream her own songs. She loves my poetry but neverwants to meet the … Continue reading

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Moriarty I’ve got a roommatean old tomcatdon’t know his namebut I call him Moriartyhe doesn’t seem to mind We used to leave the apartmenttogether after twilightgo about our separate businessesin back alleysand dank clubs We’d usually returnaround dawn— drunkmissing a … Continue reading

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Stair Step Haiku

climbing is tiresomebut the effort requiredis so worth the view

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Blue Magick 2020

Blue Magick I call upon the spirits of light,the angels of constitutional democracy,of reasonable policy based upon science,I humbly beseech you: Arise! Cast out the demons of fear and corruption.Break the curse of dark money, lies and hatred.Free us from … Continue reading

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What Dreams May Come

What Dreams May Come I wake up in a film noir bedroom—streetlamp shadows on my ceiling. I dreamt not of being chasedbut of chasing, of attacking—of taking primitive pleasurefrom the feel of a faceunder my fist, the tasteof someone else’s … Continue reading

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A Screed with Seven Days To Go

Washington still smells like a swamp. We send living representativesto dredge out the grimebut they die from the stenchand we keep re-electing their corpses. If you want change— change your vote.Even if he’s from your tribe,if he’s been there long … Continue reading

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Summer Picnic

Summer Picnic Fresh cut grass under our blanketyour warm skin ‘neath my fingertipsa tree is blooming above usand its petals envy your lips The low branches waltz in the breezeto the music guiding your hipsflowers open to catch the sunand … Continue reading

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Brave and Reckless: Mad World

The Brave and Reckless Blog posted a little poem I wrote for one of their prompts. It’s called Sleep the Sleep of the Dead and it was prompted by that wonderful song Roland Orzabal of Tears for Fears wrote and … Continue reading

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