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Farewell Justice

Farewell Justice You fought with words and logic—powerful weapons for justicein reasonable timesbut it’s easier to manipulatesome folks by advertising fear. You struggled for so longand now to honor your memory,we must continue the battle,to march in the streets,to cast … Continue reading

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Government of Idioms

Government of Idioms We elected a flabby foxto guard the hen house. That’s like putting a coallobbyist in charge of the EPA. oops. He did that. That’s like naming an anti-union lawyeryour Secretary of Labor. Ibid. That’s like nominatingAl Capone … Continue reading

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Storm Haiku

I was struck by lightningscorch marks on my lipsfrom your kiss

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Upon Re-election

Upon Re-election The Emperor strode on stage,“I declare this is the classiest suitI’ve ever worn. More comfortableand tremendous and I made it myself!” Grateful reporters salutedand his devotees cheered.Serious pundits on television debatedboth sides of his magnificence. Hospitals filled with … Continue reading

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Grave of Ruth Carter Farlow (1742-1837)

Last week I revisited Marlboro Friends Meeting outside the little village of Sophia, North Carolina, about half an hour’s drive south of Greensboro. I knew my third-great grandfather, John Farlow (1809-1879) was buried there since I already had a picture … Continue reading

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On The Spectrum

On The Spectrum The world is not black and white nor is it shades of grey we live in infinite color more than our eyes can see purple is both red and blue and neither people can be wrong without … Continue reading

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The Grave of Randall Jarrell

Yesterday I visited the grave of Randall Jarrell, 1914-1965. Besides being a poet and professor, he was the Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress for 1956-1958, now known as the Poet Laureate of the United States.

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Unacceptable The arc of history may be long, too long for my taste, and I’ll grant it bends to justice, when observed over centuries but what good are years to those whose time has been stolen? George Floyd Breonna Taylor … Continue reading

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Coronabeard I wear a crown about my jaw, encrusted not with jewels but pie crumbs. It’s not gold, never was. Call it platinum or silver, just not gray. I crowned myself, like Napoleon, and, without a Josephine to complain, it … Continue reading

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Charles Bukowski (1920-1994)

This is the 100th anniversary of the birth of one of my favorite poets, Charles Bukowski. I love how he takes the mundane and the profane and illuminates the poetry in each. He can be both coarse and sublime in … Continue reading

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