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Orangery He lives in an orangeryprotected from harsh winterby the warmth of inheritanceand orange privilege Like many citrus scionshe assumes it’s bad luckor poor planning that leavesthe rest of us out in the cold The world must seem opulentwith tropical … Continue reading

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The Great Race

The Great Race “The planet was dominated by a bipedal species for a few thousand years.It is unclear if they achieved sentience.”~ Notes from a future survey of the Earth It’s race between instinct and intellect,between our baser demons and … Continue reading

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They, Too

They, Tooafter I, Too by Langston Hughes They, too, sing America. Our brothers with slightly darker skin,who built the table, and all our sisters,who cook our suppers, they deserve their placebeside us and not to be confined to the kitchenor … Continue reading

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A Woman’s Place is in the Kitchen

I wouldn’t dare say that to your facebut I am talking to you:all the women I’ve objectified,all the women I’ve ignored,all the women I’ve interrupted,all the women I’ve discounted,all the women I’ve paid lessyet expected more. A woman’s place is … Continue reading

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Fraiku: Repeal Theocracy!

They don’t care about you,your beliefs, your body.How will you vote?

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World Without Consequences at Edge of Humanity Magazine

I am again honored to have a poem featured at Edge of Humanity Magazine. It’s called World Without Consequences and while I wrote it years ago, it’s just as relevant today. In other news, the e-book version of the Social … Continue reading

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Fraiku: Gridlock

When corporationsprofit more off the problemthan the solution

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How to Create a Killer

How to Create a Killer It’s easysubtract kindnessadd grievanceleave a trail of bloodin the television spotlightred as maple leavesin autumn

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Fraiku: Supreme Court

How many maidensmust we sacrificeto satisfy your dogma?

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The Last Provocation

For today’s prompt, write a The Last Blank poem.Write a poem in exactly 62 words using the word “Provocative”. The Last Provocation They say the best wayto stop being bulliedis to punch him in the nose. They say to give … Continue reading

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