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Fraiku: 90 seconds to Midnight

We dodged the nuclear bulletonly to devise a slow extinction by climatethen got bored when that took too long

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Blue Magick

Blue Magick I call upon the spirits of light, the angels of constitutional democracy, of reasonable policy based upon science, I humbly beseech you: Arise! Cast out the demons of fear and corruption. Break the curse of lies, hatred and … Continue reading

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Halloween Television

Trick or Treaters have appeared not at my door but on TV The Democrats wearing scary masks faces twisted and darkened With Republicans in happy family man costumes pure as a newborn lamb in fresh fallen snow I’ve tried throwing … Continue reading

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Fraiku: Republicans

Sheep who’ll vote for a wolfbecause he promises to eatthe Black ones first Have you voted yet?Early voting began in NC yesterday.Check your stateand don’t vote for wolves.

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Working the Polls

Working the Polls Let’s install a pole in the Capitol so our Congressmen can do their tricks like strippers in a dank club, teasing and tantalizing their base. The esteemed Senator from Exxon Mobil slinks out of his suit and … Continue reading

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Fraiku: Political Ads

Like the sexy assistant they distract from the magician picking your pocket Don’t let them steal your vote either. Today’s the deadline for registering in North Carolina. Even if you think your registered double-check. Early voting starts soon.

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Fraiku: Follow the Money

Advertising is a very expensive word for propaganda There’s an election coming in the U. S. A. Make sure you’re registered to vote.

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Fraiku: Insanity

Re-electing incumbents and expecting laws to change We’re entering election season here in the U. S. A. If you want to vote the bums out, you’ve got to be registered. If you think you’re registered, they might have purged you. … Continue reading

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Orangery He lives in an orangeryprotected from harsh winterby the warmth of inheritanceand orange privilege Like many citrus scionshe assumes it’s bad luckor poor planning that leavesthe rest of us out in the cold The world must seem opulentwith tropical … Continue reading

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The Great Race

The Great Race “The planet was dominated by a bipedal species for a few thousand years.It is unclear if they achieved sentience.”~ Notes from a future survey of the Earth It’s race between instinct and intellect,between our baser demons and … Continue reading

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