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The Secret Life of Fireflies

After a day of sprinkler runningunder the glistening sundark clouds swoop in from the westwith a sudden chilling air. A flash in the darkened skyand thunder menaces from afar.The storm drapes and drenches the grasscompleting our rain dance. With a … Continue reading

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The Roots of Spring

The trees are holding hands in the deep dark like quiet teenagers at a drive-in movie While high above a woodpecker sucks the sap seeping from newly drilled holes Although this poem isn’t about sex it is Spring and all … Continue reading

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“Forgiveness is not an occasional act, it is a constant attitude.”

“Forgiveness is not an occasional act,it is a constant attitude.”~ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Our circle of friendsmust be ever expandinglike a bouquet of balloonsa kaleidoscope of visionsviews and voices tiedtogether with appreciationacceptance and the common goalof peace So … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

The Fourth Thursday in November Laughter rolls in from outside where cousins play Laughter bakes into the cornbread where cooks gossip Crying onions bubbling gravy crackling turkey All parade to the table where we hold hands in fidgety anticipation As … Continue reading

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Childhood Memories of an Afternoon Nap

Childhood Memories of an Afternoon Nap Sneaking out the bedroom windowjumping off the porch roofrunning to the park pastthe fragrant rose bushes Climbing the cherry treeback to the turtle sandboxwith our crimson treats Then to the big swingswhere we pump … Continue reading

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May is Full of Hope

I visited Charles House today and we talked about gardening poems like Blake’s The Garden of Love, Frost’s Lodged and a lesser know gem My Garden is a Pleasant Place by Louise Driscoll. Then we wrote a little poem while … Continue reading

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At the Beach

Today’s poem came from my monthly visit to Charles House. We read a bunch of dog poems from various poets of varying degrees of fame. The canine in the poem we wrote together was inspired by a companion of one … Continue reading

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Spring Sprung

Monday was World Poetry Day as well as the first full day of Spring in the part of North Carolina where I live. To celebrate, I gave poetry talks to four different groups include my old friends at Charles House. … Continue reading

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Acrostic for Edgar

Earlier today I spent the afternoon talking poetry with the kind folks at Charles House. Since it was his birthday last week, we read several poems by Edgar Allan Poe. We skipped The Raven, since we covered it during our … Continue reading

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Christmas Lights

Yesterday I visited my friends at Charles House and we talked Christmas poetry. I read them my favorites, e. e. cummings’ little tree and Jane Kenyon’s Taking Down the Tree and, of course, A Visit from St. Nicholas, which just … Continue reading

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