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All Sorts of Things Fall from Trees

Fledglings dropping into flightAbandoned nests on the groundGooey green walnuts that ooze sticky handsSpiky sweet gum balls that pierce bare feetPecans scooped for crackingdestined for syrupy pieMulberries pluckedfrom high branchesby eager childrenspoiling dinnerfingers stainedpurple swinginglong low limbsdown to Earth One … Continue reading

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What a Tree Can Do

I drown my breakfast pancakes in syrup but the dog still wants more lapping up the sweet Outside our window a maple grows bright with pride blushing her stately beauty from green to orange to red Waving in the breeze … Continue reading

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My Luscious Long Hair

It falls out in the autumn leaving me bald as a stump but by April, golden green buds are ready to blossom. Come summer my hair will be long, brushing the river’s edge, and a calm green to rival the … Continue reading

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Fraiku: St. Michan’s

He’s still dead after 800 years. Plant me under a tree for immortality. I prefer not to reveal the inspiration for my poems but I think this one needs a little context. I visited St. Michan’s Church today and took … Continue reading

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Walking in the Woods

Walking in the Woods My peace was accostedfrom a nearby roadby the invasive racketof an impromptu drag racebetween two carswith self esteem problems Can trees be jerks toostinking up their foreststripping their neighbors’ rootsthe meek pinned and punishedjust for stretchingto … Continue reading

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Fraiku: More Snow Tonight

Listen to the snowFill these woods at nightWhile old trees shrug

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Fraiku: January Tree

Bare branches shiverunder winter starslike a hand without a glove

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Fraiku: Christmas Eve

In still winter airpinprick stars on strings danglethe dome of heaven

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Christmas Lights

Yesterday I visited my friends at Charles House and we talked Christmas poetry. I read them my favorites, e. e. cummings’ little tree and Jane Kenyon’s Taking Down the Tree and, of course, A Visit from St. Nicholas, which just … Continue reading

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A Tree in Winter

This afternoon I spent some time with the good folks at Charles House. I’ve been visiting there more-or-less monthly for the past five years. Today’s topic was tree poetry. Among the poems I shared were Winter Trees by William Carlos … Continue reading

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