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Fraiku: Lunacy

At sunset the sky lifts her skirt— full moon rises tonight we howl

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Past Time to Move On

For today’s prompt, write a moving on poem. Past Time to Move On There were men walking on the moonwhen I was a boy with my telescopein the backyard looking for planets Watching Star Trek after schoolI figured that by … Continue reading

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Luna’s Lament

Luna’s Lament Isn’t that just like a man?Visit six times in three yearsthen ghost for more than fifty. Worse still, peeping at methrough telescopes at night,buzzing me with drones. I am so done with Apollo’s male gaze.My tears have frozen … Continue reading

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A Sensuous Life on Drabble!

Yesterday, The Drabble posted a poem of mine called A Sensuous Life. I love the image they picked for it! If you don’t follow their postings, I strongly encourage you to. They only post “drabbles” or poems/prose that are less … Continue reading

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Lunar Eclipse Fraiku

Do not come betweenthe Sun and his daughter Moonlest there be blood

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untitled Fraiku

Discarded oak leafdrills through the crystalline aira cold moon rises

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Fraiku: For Autumn

Your grace stills the airstars focus— the moon risesbehind bare branches Bonus Poetry: my first Halloween poem of the season posted at the Go Dog Go Café. It’s a fourteen line Halloween memory entitled Halloween, Age 15. Thanks to the … Continue reading

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Magnificent Desolation

Magnificent Desolation The second man on the Moon called it “magnificentdesolation” when he first stood upon her powdery surface.I wasn’t even born then but in my spacesuit,patching solar panels, I find no better words. We’re the invading aliens in our … Continue reading

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Fraiku: Baseball

Crack— a leather orbclimbs to heaven while moonriselooms over left field

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I dreamt I was walking my dogs under the light of the moons.

I dreamt I was walking my dogsunder the light of the moons. The Greater Moon was full—glowing porcelain above our headswhile the Lesser Moon was a ruddycrescent setting in the west. We returned to the backyard and howled,all three of … Continue reading

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