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Fraiku: Winter Walk

Frozen footfalls crunchBundled like an astronautIgnored by the sun

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Fraiku: January Tree

Bare branches shiverunder winter starslike a hand without a glove

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A Good Winter Night

A Good Winter Night Unlike the impatient dawnwhich erupts upon the worldlike a chocolate covered cherry Sunset eases graceful silentand welcoming as an old bookby a fireplace in winter Sink into this well-worn couchput your feet in my laplet me … Continue reading

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Fraiku: Christmas Eve

In still winter airpinprick stars on strings danglethe dome of heaven

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Understanding is a Three-Edged Sword

“There are eight sides to every argument,”she said while sliding through a four-way stop.But I’m a programmer, paid to think in ones and zeroes,ons and offs, trues and false, though I see her pointas the car stops spinning and she … Continue reading

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Winter Solstice Sonnet

Winter Solstice Sonnet I’ve lived where the solstice airfreezes onto my mustache.Where daylight is a vague glowbehind clouds of dirty slush. I’ve felt that deep ancestral fearthat the sun has given upand we’ll all shiver solid,defeated by the menacing dark. … Continue reading

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