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Fraiku: Philosophy

Descartes understood words pour from a bottle I drink therefore I am Last line stolen from Bruce’s Philosphers Song.

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Fraiku: Bad Habits

Pull cork from bottle Save in drawer for your collection But never see you again

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We drink

For today’s prompt, write a We Blank poem. We drink When we’re not inspiredbecause the pinot noiris also blocked We light a candlethe three of usfor atmosphere The flame flickersbut doesn’t have a clueeither so we look From poet to … Continue reading

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An Empty Bottle of Wine

For today’s prompt, write a touch poem. An Empty Bottle of Wine There’s always one more dropafter pouring the final glassfrom a bottle smooth and heavystill chilled from the fridgeas I turn it upside downover my eager mouth I don’t … Continue reading

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Leg Man

Leg Man Watching the subtle streaks on the inner glass, only visible under precise light and vintage, I wonder who’ll appear on this blind date? The wine is the skirt, the source of those shapely apparitions. Will her legs be … Continue reading

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Donating a Pint

Donating a Pint My blood looks like wine as it pours from vein to vial, a fine Pinot Noir though with better legs. I’d like a transfusion, direct from bottle to arm, bypass my burning stomach, molten core of misery. … Continue reading

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Month End Report

The goal of National Poetry Month is survival and after participating in three poetry workshops, reading at two events, attending another reading, writing poetry on demand, writing while kayaking on the Haw River, writing while taking the Poet’s Walk and … Continue reading

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The Wine of Love

Come celebrate the last Thursday of National Poetry Month with me and other Living Poets at the Hillsborough Wine Company, 118 South Churton Street, beautiful downtown Hillsborough, North Carolina. We’ll enjoy wine tastings starting at 6:30pm and see who can … Continue reading

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Drinking Wine

From the Poetic Asides blog: For today’s prompt, pick 2 vowels and write a poem using words that only contain one or both of those vowels. For instance, write a poem with words that only have a “u” and “o.” … Continue reading

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Blackberry Bramble

I remember the first time I met Andy Zeman, owner and vintner at Benjamin Vineyards & Winery, in the Saxapahaw Farmers’ Market not long after I moved to North Carolina in 2007. I told him that I enjoyed sweet red … Continue reading

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