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They Called Me Cardie

because of my bright red parka and black ski mask a chubby shadow engraved in the snow while my sled sped downhill alone (for the Living Poetry Visual Prompt and Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt.)

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Fraiku: More Snow Tonight

Listen to the snowFill these woods at nightWhile old trees shrug

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The Rhythm of Melting Snow

If I close my eyesand face the sunI can almost rememberspring

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Fraiku: Winter Walk

Frozen footfalls crunchBundled like an astronautIgnored by the sun

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It doesn’t take a weatherman…

It doesn’t take a weatherman… An inch of pure snowfirst of the seasonpromised by local newsmore interested in clicksthan accuracy Early January snow forgivescovers a multitude of sinsleaving the world freshbeautiful as a crystalready for new growth But the anger … Continue reading

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Power Outage

For today’s prompt, write a dark poem. Cave poems, poems at night, and no electricity poems–these are all appropriate for today’s prompt. Of course, dark has several other connotations as well. An underdog is often known as a dark horse, … Continue reading

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Snow Day

Snow Day “Put on your coat. It’s freezing out there.” – My mother I woke to the ticker-tack of sleet on my bedroom window in the middle of a school night after the weatherman had predicted several inches. How could … Continue reading

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