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Old Bunhill Fields Burial Ground Published!

I am pleased to announce that a poem I wrote back in 2018, while I was wandering around London, titled Old Bunhill Fields Burial Ground, has been published in the Friends Journal. This one draws heavily upon my Quaker upbringing … Continue reading

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Old Bunhill Fields Burial Ground

Old Bunhill Fields Burial Ground How old is this tree under whose branches I write? What’s left of George Fox is somewhere nearby. Maybe his flesh fed the tree whose leaves form a dome of green protecting me from this … Continue reading

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Knights of Essex

At the Sorbie reunion I attended a few months ago in Scotland, I learned that one of the “cousins” I met there lived in Colchester, England. I had suspected that one of my great great great grandfathers, Sebborn Gonner Knight, … Continue reading

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My final visit to the archives was to the archives proper which meant I had to get an official readers card with my picture. I wonder if this will count as identification for the voter suppression law in North Carolina. … Continue reading

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Old Eno Quaker Burial Ground

In the latter half of 18th and the early 19th century here in Hillsborough, North Carolina, there was a small Quaker meeting, and like most congregations of the time, the Eno Quaker Meeting had a burial ground. Around the time … Continue reading

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