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Fraiku: My Black Cat

Born on Friday the 13thhe crosses humans’ pathsjust for fun

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Far from the Madding Crows

Another combination of two prompts:For today’s prompt, write a mad poem.Comic artist Lynda Barry, and asks you to write about dogs you have known, seen, or heard about. Far from the Madding Crows There’s a murder of crows conveningoutside my … Continue reading

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How to Bad Luck

For today’s prompt, write a How to Blank poem. Today, in honor of the potential luckiness of the number 13, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem that joyfully states that “Everything is Going to Be Amazing.” How … Continue reading

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Squirrels have Personalities

Squirrels have Personalities I’ve got no beef with the quiet oneswho go about their squirrely business,turning over brittle brown leavesin search of fatty seeds and nuts. It’s the ruffians and scapegracesin the yard, taunting my cat, Moriarty,with their harsh chitters … Continue reading

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Sonnet — April 27

For this Two-for-Tuesday prompt from Robert Lee Brewer’s Write Better Poetry blog:Write a believe poem and/or…Write a don’t believe poem. Sonnet — April 27 I believe the earth is flatbecause shape is trivialto me and the pines strainingtowards the sun. … Continue reading

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Moriarty Thinks

Moriarty Thinks I’d rather watch the little morselsdart over last night’s dusting of snowoutside my sunny window seatturning up twigs and brittle leavesthan come when you call. My affection is not for sale.My spirit remains undomesticated.This world is mine but … Continue reading

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Moriarty I’ve got a roommatean old tomcatdon’t know his namebut I call him Moriartyhe doesn’t seem to mind We used to leave the apartmenttogether after twilightgo about our separate businessesin back alleysand dank clubs We’d usually returnaround dawn— drunkmissing a … Continue reading

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