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While Exploring Le Musée des Arcanes

While Exploring Le Musée des Arcanes His eyes follow me around the cluttered room,this portrait of a man from another century—painted by a skilled hand, fine brushstrokesthough the artist neither signed the worknor identified their subject. I gaze into his … Continue reading

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Fraiku: Halloween

Streetlight shadows dancelike a Witches’ Sabbatheyes glow under my bed

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Halloween Television

Trick or Treaters have appeared not at my door but on TV The Democrats wearing scary masks faces twisted and darkened With Republicans in happy family man costumes pure as a newborn lamb in fresh fallen snow I’ve tried throwing … Continue reading

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The Great Pumpkin Moon on Spillwords

I’m pleased to announce that one of my Halloween Haiku, The Great Pumpkin Moon, was published over at Spillwords earlier today.

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Samhain on Spillwords

Another of my Halloween poems for this year has been posted on Spillwords. It starts: Send the kids to trick or treatWith your parents tonightLet’s be alone when the wallsBetween the worlds grow thin Read the rest…

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Trick or Treat

Here’s another collaboration with the good folks at Charles House. We reminisced about Halloweens of our youth, I read a few poems, including Poe’s The Raven (which technically isn’t a Halloween poem since he explicitly states that it occurs in … Continue reading

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What Dreams May Come

What Dreams May Come I wake up in a film noir bedroom—streetlamp shadows on my ceiling. I dreamt not of being chasedbut of chasing, of attacking—of taking primitive pleasurefrom the feel of a faceunder my fist, the tasteof someone else’s … Continue reading

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Beggars Night

Beggars Night It must be Halloween.There are little boys marchingthrough my neighborhood,fondling their guns,wearing grown men costumes—Junior dressed as a Brownshirt,little Eric as a Proud Boy. They want us to be as frightenedas they are. I give them candybut can’t … Continue reading

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Tricks and Treats

Tricks and Treats Don’t be frightened by the monstersin television ads promising prosperityand predicting pandemonium. Don’t be frightened by the beggarsin your email, requesting treatsto prevent someone else’s tricks. Don’t be frightened by politics,be angry that money decides electionsinstead of … Continue reading

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