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The Grave of Allen Ginsberg

I must admit, I haven’t really read anything Allen Ginsberg wrote besides “Howl”. “Howl” is such a masterpiece, the seminal work of the Beats, that even if he’d put his pen down after it, he would be remembered for as … Continue reading

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A 21st Century Howl

A 21st Century Howl “I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by…”~ opening line of Howl by Allen Ginsberg What sphinx of algorithms and data bashed open their skulls?Moloch! Facebook! Moloch! Twitter! Moloch!Moloch who promised an egalitarian utopia! … Continue reading

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Farewell Justice

Farewell Justice You fought with words and logic—powerful weapons for justicein reasonable timesbut it’s easier to manipulatesome folks by advertising fear. You struggled for so longand now to honor your memory,we must continue the battle,to march in the streets,to cast … Continue reading

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