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Fraiku: Ahnentafel

Genealogy is arrogancefilling out a tournament bracketwith me the champion

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Jacob Briggs Heavilin’s Grave

I came to Springdale, Arkansas to visit the grave of Jacob Briggs Heavilin, my great great great grandfather, and to try to get more details on how he ended up here but I leave with this photo and more questions. … Continue reading

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Grave of Ruth Carter Farlow (1742-1837)

Last week I revisited Marlboro Friends Meeting outside the little village of Sophia, North Carolina, about half an hour’s drive south of Greensboro. I knew my third-great grandfather, John Farlow (1809-1879) was buried there since I already had a picture … Continue reading

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Elmer Tolley, 1864-1928

For today’s prompt, write a family poem. Good, bad, big, small, adopted, imaginary, nonexistent–everyone has to deal with family (even if that involves running from it or chasing it down). I have a feeling today’s prompt is going to stir … Continue reading

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Barker Reunion and James Dean

The Barker side of my family gather in odd numbered years. According to my records, and I keep very good records, my grandparents, Ray Barker and Ruth Lloyd Barker, have 47 descendants so far. Of the 47, 43 are still … Continue reading

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Ancestral Fudge

My grandfather Barker fell seriously ill when my father was just a boy and while he survived, he did not recover sufficiently to go back to work thus my grandmother got a job and Grandpa did the cooking for the … Continue reading

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Knights of Essex

At the Sorbie reunion I attended a few months ago in Scotland, I learned that one of the “cousins” I met there lived in Colchester, England. I had suspected that one of my great great great grandfathers, Sebborn Gonner Knight, … Continue reading

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Research Findings

I believe travel, especially abroad, is a virtue unto itself, so this trip to Scotland would have been well worth it even if I’d been konked on the head and forgotten everything I knew about Mary Milligan and her husband … Continue reading

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Sorbie Family Reunion

Today was the family reunion that provided the excuse for me to return to Scotland. As we introduced ourselves we also described our connection to the family. I said that my great great great great grandmother was knocked up by … Continue reading

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My final visit to the archives was to the archives proper which meant I had to get an official readers card with my picture. I wonder if this will count as identification for the voter suppression law in North Carolina. … Continue reading

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