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Fraiku: Submission

Silk scarf ’round your neck lust pulling tight — seeing stars trust leaves you breathless (for Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt: Breathtaking)

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Fraiku: Fetch

Retrieval of sticksis a serious matterexcept from water for this week’s Living Poetry Prompt   Last Friday Susi Bocks from The Short of It interviewed me about the next anthology, Reflections and Revelations. I read my poem Roses at the … Continue reading

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Fraiku: Scrapbook

Little square windowsinto a black & white pastWas that you or me?   (for this week’s Living Poetry Prompt.)

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Fraiku: Last Match

The moment of truthwill it sputter to lifeor will darkness snuff the light

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Fraiku: Traveling through the Dark

I wonder what it’d be like to live where no blinking red lights marred the heroic night sky that never cared less (for William Stafford from whom I stole the title and the heroic sky that never cared less.)

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Fraiku: Philosophy

Descartes understood words pour from a bottle I drink therefore I am Last line stolen from Bruce’s Philosphers Song.

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Fraiku: Erethizon dorsatum

Thoughts of you— like a prickle of porcupines occupying my mind (for the LP Prompt Porcupine and thanks to JeanMarie for the collective noun.)

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Fraiku: 90 seconds to Midnight

We dodged the nuclear bulletonly to devise a slow extinction by climatethen got bored when that took too long

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Fraiku: Winter Night

Shooting star spits across the skyignored by the pine treesglazed with ice

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Fraiku: My Black Cat

Born on Friday the 13thhe crosses humans’ pathsjust for fun

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