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This evening I attended a NCWN online workshop on ekphrastic poetry, lead by Maureen Sherbondy. She offered several famous paintings as prompts and one of them was Pablo Picasso’s Guernica. I’ve been thinking about the Spanish Civil War a lot … Continue reading

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We erected statues to those leaders who inspired or enslaved, back when things got done. There was a kind of progress— armies marched to kill, factories produced and polluted. It was a simpler time, when a nation’s wealth was calculated … Continue reading

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Gauguin returned from painting naked south seas women to tend his friend Van Gogh. The painting turned out better than his ministrations. Perhaps our present crisis will propel us to a better future of worldwide topless tropical beauty. A mango … Continue reading

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The Rule of Three

The March edition of the Tongue & Groove featured an ekphrastic challenge where we were to write a new poem or song based on one of the pieces in the VAE gallery that serves as host to the open mic. … Continue reading

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