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Fraiku: St. Michan’s

He’s still dead after 800 years. Plant me under a tree for immortality. I prefer not to reveal the inspiration for my poems but I think this one needs a little context. I visited St. Michan’s Church today and took … Continue reading

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The Day After

The Day After Starlings erupt from a distant fieldlike an avian disease infecting the skyafter exhausting their previous host. The flock calligraphs my child’s name,mocking my grief and pareidolia. (For Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt: Avian and a Bernie’s challenge to … Continue reading

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There Will Come Soft Rains

For today’s prompt, write an abundance poem. There Will Come Soft Rains The hills are erupting goldan abundance of greencovering winter’s grays Spring coats the pavementwith a fine chartreuse dustirritating the corners of my eyes January could not quite sterilizeand … Continue reading

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Under Paris

Easy to forget hot wingswere once featheredjust as easy to forgetthese bones were once people I slip away from my tourof the Catacombs to wander aloneto hold someone’s skull in my handmarvel at its fragility This sonnet is not about … Continue reading

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Ocean Dream

Ocean Dream I was in a canoe drifting on the oceanunder stars reflected off mirrored waterbarely disturbed by the rhythmic rippleskeeping cadence with my thoughts Then I was riding a mannequin— face downin the brine— fish pale under the moonlightnearly … Continue reading

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Toll The church bell cracked.Poor and dying,the congregationcould not make repairs.Like an ice cream trucktrapped in a steeple,cheap electronic chimesswept empty streetsof wooden windoweddowntown shops. Incessant windsfrom the flatlandsscraped through cornfields,toppled hollow treesin the village besiegedby crumpled cemeteries. Former residentsnow … Continue reading

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Whose bones are these?

For today’s prompt from Robert Lee Brewer’s Write Better Poetry blog, write a question poem. There are a few different ways to come at this one. First, make the title of your poem a question and use the poem to … Continue reading

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Silence: A Halloween Nightmare

Silence The silence surprises me— no more thumping from my chest— no more swooshing through my ears— the little gurgles of a living body are now absent and missed. The last light to enter these eyes was from cold clinical … Continue reading

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Last Slice of Life

Thirty poems in thirty days, hope you’ve enjoyed my work this National Poetry Month. For today’s prompt, write a closing time poem. Or another way of coming at this prompt is to write a poem in which something is coming … Continue reading

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