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Let’s Pretend

Let’s pretendI’m riding in this skullpulling levers pressing pedalsmaking this body obey my will Let’s pretendyour little pilot is looking outthrough those smokey eyeswindows to your flight deck Let’s pretendminds are distinct from bodiesthat this chemistry felt over drinksis more … Continue reading

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Online Dating Haiku

Mining for true gold in online personal ads all I find — pyrite (from the Monday Living Poetry Prompt)

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Leg Man

Leg Man Watching the subtle streaks on the inner glass, only visible under precise light and vintage, I wonder who’ll appear on this blind date? The wine is the skirt, the source of those shapely apparitions. Will her legs be … Continue reading

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Waiting at the Bar

Waiting at the Bar Don’t talk to me, I’m quite content watching you pour and mix while I sip and twirl, awash in the hum of other conversations and the ting of silverware. Let me savor these moments, anticipating her … Continue reading

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Men at Work

Men at Work Watching men work their way down the bar, talking to women, unintroduced. The ladies play with these Lotharios like cats with mice. I envy the prey. I am alien here. A poet lost in a strange land, … Continue reading

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Lucky Guy

For today’s prompt, write a lucky number poem. Some people have lucky numbers, some don’t. Wherever you fall on the lucky number spectrum, you can still write a poem about the phenomenon of lucky numbers and/or luck in general. Lucky … Continue reading

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