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15 Last Minute Gift Ideas for Old Bohemian Poets

Nothing They don’t want any more crap cluttering their rented rooms unless it can be burned for heat under a hungry moon. If you insist: Wine Leave the bottle at their doorstep, ring the bell, run away, no card, no … Continue reading

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Fraiku: Christmas Eve

In still winter airpinprick stars on strings danglethe dome of heaven

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Christmas Lights

Yesterday I visited my friends at Charles House and we talked Christmas poetry. I read them my favorites, e. e. cummings’ little tree and Jane Kenyon’s Taking Down the Tree and, of course, A Visit from St. Nicholas, which just … Continue reading

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The Scent of Snow

The Scent of Snow Peppermint tingles my morningthe Christmas tree fillsthe air of the living roomwith a forest of needlesthe kitchen is cinnamon warmand gingerbread peopled But what did the myrrh smell like?

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Treasure published at Spillwords

I’m pleased to announce that one of my chocolate holiday poems from Milkshakes and Chilidogs called “Treasure” was reprinted at Spillwords. Here’s your chance to read it, if you don’t own my chapbook. And if you don’t own Milkshakes and … Continue reading

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