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The Grave of William Butler Yeats

I got lost on my way to W. B. Yeats‘ grave which I think was appropriate. Getting to Sligo was easy enough from Dublin and also quite pleasant since it involved a three hour train ride across Ireland. I saw … Continue reading

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The Grave of Gerard Manley Hopkins

It’s not a vacation without a visit to a cemetery and Glasnevin is the biggest one in Dublin. It’s also the final resting place of the renowned Victorian poet, Gerald Manley Hopkins. There have been more than a million interments … Continue reading

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The Grave of Robert Frost

The Old Bennington Cemetery is doing a great job maintaining their grounds. For more than 350 years, this cemetery has served Bennington, Vermont and includes several governors, lots of Revolutionary War soldiers and the great (maybe the greatest) 20th century … Continue reading

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The Grave of Wallace Stevens

I must admit, I like the idea of Wallace Stevens more than his poetry. He was another poet with a day job, like me, though he was much more successful in the business world, being a vice president at The … Continue reading

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The Grave of Emily Dickinson

Unlike Dr. Williams’ grave, Emily Dickinson‘s is well visited. On top of her stone are some pennies as well as a mug full of pens and pencils. At its base I found rain-soaked poetry books and papers as well as … Continue reading

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The Grave of William Carlos Williams

I wonder how many people have walked past William Carlos Williams‘ grave without knowing he was one of America’s greatest poets. Since it was a pretty hot morning, I was first attracted to the shade of the giant oak tree … Continue reading

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The Grave of Allen Ginsberg

I must admit, I haven’t really read anything Allen Ginsberg wrote besides “Howl”. “Howl” is such a masterpiece, the seminal work of the Beats, that even if he’d put his pen down after it, he would be remembered for as … Continue reading

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Toll The church bell cracked.Poor and dying,the congregationcould not make repairs.Like an ice cream trucktrapped in a steeple,cheap electronic chimesswept empty streetsof wooden windoweddowntown shops. Incessant windsfrom the flatlandsscraped through cornfields,toppled hollow treesin the village besiegedby crumpled cemeteries. Former residentsnow … Continue reading

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Alben William Barkley’s Grave

The sky was bluer than usual this morning as I drove to Paducah, Kentucky. No clouds and fewer trees as I crossed fields of corn and soybeans. The sky was so blue I could almost pick out the brightest stars … Continue reading

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Old Bunhill Fields Burial Ground Published!

I am pleased to announce that a poem I wrote back in 2018, while I was wandering around London, titled Old Bunhill Fields Burial Ground, has been published in the Friends Journal. This one draws heavily upon my Quaker upbringing … Continue reading

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