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The Day After

The Day After Starlings erupt from a distant fieldlike an avian disease infecting the skyafter exhausting their previous host. The flock calligraphs my child’s name,mocking my grief and pareidolia. (For Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt: Avian and a Bernie’s challenge to … Continue reading

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The Bees and the Bushes

For today’s prompt, write an organism poem. The Bees and the Bushes This bumble bee couldn’t care lessas I watch him work the blossoms.I stretch my aging back and noticethere are dozens of bees bumbling. Over the distant fields I … Continue reading

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Startling Starlings

Feeling more relaxed this afternoon for some reason. Here’s a little poem inspired by a story on the BBC, “The man startling millions of starlings with lasers“. Startling Starlings I see they’re startling starlings now in Rome.What’s next? Hawking hawks … Continue reading

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Monsters (Poem-A-Day 27)

For today’s prompt, write a monster poem. There are the usual suspects: zombies, vampires, werewolves, and mummies. But monsters can take any form and terrorize a variety of victims. So have fun playing around with this one, because we’ve only … Continue reading

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