Fraiku: Republicans

Sheep who’ll vote for a wolf
because he promises to eat
the Black ones first

Have you voted yet?
Early voting began in NC yesterday.
Check your state
and don’t vote for wolves.

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Working the Polls

Working the Polls

Let’s install a pole in the Capitol
so our Congressmen can do their tricks

like strippers in a dank club,
teasing and tantalizing their base.

The esteemed Senator from Exxon Mobil
slinks out of his suit and tie,

and promises, if you buy just one more dance,
that he’ll keep the trans out of our bathrooms,

and if you take him to the VIP room,
he’ll make the kids pray in school

then once and for all outlaw abortion,
if you donate just a little more cash.

But no matter how many drinks you buy,
no matter how late you wait by the stage door,

our duly elected representatives spend their nights
with the CEOs of a multinational corporations

and that’s when you realize who’s really getting screwed.

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Fraiku: Political Ads

Like the sexy assistant
they distract from the magician
picking your pocket

Don’t let them steal your vote either. Today’s the deadline for registering in North Carolina. Even if you think your registered double-check. Early voting starts soon.

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I was more popular when I drove a pickup.

I was more popular when I drove a pickup.

She asked me to drop her at the airport
and I was happy to repay the favor
until I discovered it also involved
moving her out of my apartment.

(for this week’s Living Poetry Prompt: Favor)

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Fraiku: Tehran and Washington

Women march in the street
protesting theocracy
maybe Gods are the problem

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Sputnik at Whispers and Echoes

Today is the 65th anniversary of the launch of humanity’s first artificial satellite. When Whispers and Echoes put out a call for “history haiku” to be posted in late September and early October, I knew I had to write one for Sputnik.

We need to better celebrate our planetary holidays. Here’s my list:

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James Dean and A Planet Shaped Vase

my own photo

I’m proud to announce that one of my “history haiku” has been published over at Whispers and Echoes. It actually went up Friday, September 30th, the anniversary of James Dean death.

And I’m pleased to announce that one of my climate catastrophe poems is up at the Extinction Rebellion Creative Hub. They posted A Planet Shaped Vase which started out as an April poem-a-day earlier this year.

I strongly encourage everyone to follow both sites.

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Fraiku: Follow the Money

Advertising is
a very expensive word
for propaganda

There’s an election coming in the U. S. A.

Make sure you’re registered to vote.

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With Each Passing Year

With Each Passing Year

Food loses its flavor.
The sun gets dimmer,
the atmosphere thinner.
I can’t catch my breath.

The Earth’s molten core
is spinning slower like a top
wobbling— I feel gravity tilt
beneath my feet as I walk.

Years fly by faster
than months once did—
something Einstein predicted
but I don’t understand.

The world, once smooth
and vibrant, is shriveling
like a grape turning
into a raisin.

I’m no scientist
but life on this planet
can’t be viable
for very much longer.

(Another two-prompt Tuesday: this poem inspired by the LP Monday Poetry Prompt and Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt.)

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Free Verse Revolution: Tahmina

I am very proud to announce that one of my poems, Another Birth, has been published in the current issue of Free Verse Revolution: Tahmina: (love & loss). You can download the PDF for free but, once you see it, I’m sure you’ll want physical copy for your bookshelves. It’s gorgeous!

I dedicated Another Birth to Phillis Wheatley. She was the first African-American woman to publish a book of poetry. I wish I could claim that I was thinking of her while writing the poem but I didn’t know about her yet. I was thinking about how dangerous pregnancy is for our mothers and while looking up famous people who died in childbirth, her name appeared.

Thank you to Kristiana Reed for publishing my work and my raven-haired muse for the inspiration.

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