Fraiku: Social Media

Let poetry soothe
the slings and arrows
of your social media life

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Angry Afternoons on Whispers and Echoes

Whispers and Echoes has published one of my new poems on the timely theme of summer, titled Angry Afternoons. My thanks to their editor Sammi Cox.

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I’ve never seen a glowworm
but as a boy I trapped jarfuls
of fireflies to serve
as nightlights in my bedroom.
Even when I threw in a handful of grass,
assuming that’s what they ate,
they’d never last the night.

I don’t see many lightning bugs
these days— never heard my grandchildren
squeal in the sinking twilight—
hunting the chartreuse glow of insects
trying to get laid.

Soon the night will only be lit by stars,
to our shame. We humans have shone so brightly,
for so long, it’s past time for us to fade.

(For Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt.)

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Fraiku: Purpose

The purpose of a porpoise
postulated precisely in a pleasing poem
that the porpoise’s purpose’s play

(For this week’s Living Poetry Prompt and, just in case you missed it, my poem At the Beach appeared on Whispers and Echoes yesterday.)

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A Tree in Winter

This afternoon I spent some time with the good folks at Charles House. I’ve been visiting there more-or-less monthly for the past five years. Today’s topic was tree poetry. Among the poems I shared were Winter Trees by William Carlos Williams, Robert Frost’s Birches and, of course, Trees by Joyce Kilmer. Then we collaborated on a brand new poem which I present here.

A Tree in Winter

The storm coated me in ice
my fingers — my arms — my trunk
tinkling in the wind
I feel my burdened branches bow
slouching under the weight

If this wind doesn’t wane
I may fall and if I fall
let it sing a symphony
my grand finale a frozen
crescendo of glitterful glory

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Fraiku: Science

If science were easy
everyone would do it
listen to your nerds

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Koi in a Bucket published at Spank the Carp

Nearly a year ago, Spank the Carp held an ekphrastic contest where we were given an image to inspire our poetry. I thought I’d give it a try and while I didn’t win, the editor asked if he could publish the poem in some future edition and that time has come. Pond 64, the August 2021 issue of Spank the Carp is now online, featuring my poem, Koi in a Bucket. Check it out!

You might also notice a “Vote for your favorite work” button. Be an informed citizen and research the other works before deciding which is your favorite.

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Fraiku: For my Muse

Yesterday, Whispers and Echoes published For my Muse, the last of the haiku I submitted to their Haiku on Healing series, so I’m using it for my Friday haiku this week. Enjoy!

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Reality Sucks at Whispers and Echoes

Reality sucks everywhere but Whispers and Echoes is actually quite lovely and should be followed by all who love poetry. They just posted a new haiku of mine entitled Reality Sucks. Check it out.

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The Cardinal

The cardinal pontificates from the upper branches
vivid red feathers glinting in the sun
I watch him flash from limb to limb
tree to tree — inspired by his ambition

I scribble details in my notebook
how he contrasts with the sharp green leaves
the earthy odor of fallen summer blossoms
the cheer cheer cheer cheer as he claims his territory

Noticing poetry is my plumage
crafting verse to attract attention
singing from treetop open mics
dropping poems on passers-by

(For this week’s Living Poetry Prompt and Weekend Writing Prompt.)

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