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Luna’s Lament

Luna’s Lament Isn’t that just like a man?Visit six times in three yearsthen ghost for more than fifty. Worse still, peeping at methrough telescopes at night,buzzing me with drones. I am so done with Apollo’s male gaze.My tears have frozen … Continue reading

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Fraiku: More Snow Tonight

Listen to the snowFill these woods at nightWhile old trees shrug

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A Thursday Morning in Winter

The cars on my street were spray-painted whiteby that famous vandal, Jack Frost. The hungover sunoffers no warmth. I should remove the crystalline dewfrom my windshield but I must’ve walked widdershinsaround the bar— lost my scraper and glove. This credit … Continue reading

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Acrostic for Edgar

Earlier today I spent the afternoon talking poetry with the kind folks at Charles House. Since it was his birthday last week, we read several poems by Edgar Allan Poe. We skipped The Raven, since we covered it during our … Continue reading

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The Rhythm of Melting Snow

If I close my eyesand face the sunI can almost rememberspring

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Fraiku: Winter Walk

Frozen footfalls crunchBundled like an astronautIgnored by the sun

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Two Anthologies

This past week saw two new anthologies appear in my mailbox. The first to arrive was the latest from Vita Brevis Press, Nothing Divine Dies— The Poetry of Nature. The editor, Brian Geiger, was gracious enough to include one of … Continue reading

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Fraiku: Addiction

Shoulders sigh with contentmentas dark elixircools my anxious throat

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A 21st Century Howl

A 21st Century Howl “I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by…”~ opening line of Howl by Allen Ginsberg What sphinx of algorithms and data bashed open their skulls?Moloch! Facebook! Moloch! Twitter! Moloch!Moloch who promised an egalitarian utopia! … Continue reading

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A Sensuous Life on Drabble!

Yesterday, The Drabble posted a poem of mine called A Sensuous Life. I love the image they picked for it! If you don’t follow their postings, I strongly encourage you to. They only post “drabbles” or poems/prose that are less … Continue reading

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