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They were Strange Men They entered our villageno explanation offeredbegan killing They believed their officerswe were sub-humannot worthy of remark They were from some legionleft no oneto carry the dead (For this week’s Weekend Writing Prompt and Living Poetry Prompt.)

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Fraiku: Regrets

Full of shoulds and couldsAn effigy of myselfShall we burn me down?

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Lake House

Lake House She rests in forestvivid green from rainliving breath of earthcool summer morn Mirrored in the lakemist spinning ghostsdawn spilling overguardian mountains She welcomes me backslipping her doorswith comfortable warmthsurrounding my frailty No longer exposedfinally at home

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Fraiku: Nightowl

Crickets serenadeMy solo lucubrationDawn arrives too soon

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See You Next Year

See You Next Year Doc says I should eat better,exercise more. I know.I know. He asks if I rememberwhat we talked aboutlast time. I scour my crusted memorybut these wellness visits blurtogether like a field of pinwheelsin a lightning storm. … Continue reading

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Fraiku: Jazz

My parents are jazz musiciansYears ago they improvised a duetI am the echo of that song

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