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Fraiku: A Boy’s Summer

Inviting trees to climbmushrooms and red berries to fearfireflies to torture

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Doctor Verse | Bartholomew Barker

Originally posted on Whispers and Echoes:
Don’t edit yourself Poetry is the fever Let it heal your mind Bartholomew Barker is an organizer of Living Poetry, a collection of poets in the Triangle region of North Carolina. His first poetry…

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I want to be a tree when I grow up

I want to be a tree when I grow up Nothing ostentatiousI don’t want to be a sequoiaor have some historical significanceno proclamations in my honorsigned by the governor Just a regular tree in the woodsunfurling my leavesin the warm … Continue reading

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Fraiku: In the Waiting Room

My toes tick faster than a clockwhile my usually reliable companiongoes under the wrench

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At The Beach

At The Beach My castle stood resoluteramparts thick and towers tallseashell embellishmentsand a broken sand dollar sundialsafe in the keep As shadows grew longerwaves eroded wallsthe tide flooded the moat And I celebratedan honest day’s work

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Lost Worlds published by Extinction Rebellion

I’m proud to announce that Lost Worlds, one of my poems-a-day from this April, has been published at the Extinction Rebellion Creative Hub. I strongly encourage all my poet friends to send them any poems you’ve written inspired by the … Continue reading

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Fraiku: Refrigerator Door

Broke my toe closing Jack’s fridgecursing the kitchen cabinetsin the sudden dark Inspired by my favorite haiku of Jack Kerouac: Missing a kickat the icebox doorIt closed anyway  

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The Opposite of the Fear of Falling

The Opposite of the Fear of Falling Memories like sparkling tethersbind me to my boyhood homemy first date with each wifemy car parked in the west lot With the merest scent of cut grassI’m tugged back to the side yardplaying … Continue reading

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Fraiku: July

July returns about the same time every yearthe woman who lives next door walks her dogsbarefoot in the North Carolina grass (For this week’s Living Poetry Prompt, an American Haiku since I blew through the Japanese style syllable limit.)

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