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Fraiku: For my Muse

Yesterday, Whispers and Echoes published For my Muse, the last of the haiku I submitted to their Haiku on Healing series, so I’m using it for my Friday haiku this week. Enjoy!

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Reality Sucks at Whispers and Echoes

Reality sucks everywhere but Whispers and Echoes is actually quite lovely and should be followed by all who love poetry. They just posted a new haiku of mine entitled Reality Sucks. Check it out.

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The Cardinal

The cardinal pontificates from the upper branchesvivid red feathers glinting in the sunI watch him flash from limb to limbtree to tree — inspired by his ambition I scribble details in my notebookhow he contrasts with the sharp green leavesthe … Continue reading

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Fraiku: A Boy’s Summer

Inviting trees to climbmushrooms and red berries to fearfireflies to torture

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Doctor Verse | Bartholomew Barker

Originally posted on Whispers and Echoes:
Don’t edit yourself Poetry is the fever Let it heal your mind Bartholomew Barker is an organizer of Living Poetry, a collection of poets in the Triangle region of North Carolina. His first poetry…

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I want to be a tree when I grow up

I want to be a tree when I grow up Nothing ostentatiousI don’t want to be a sequoiaor have some historical significanceno proclamations in my honorsigned by the governor Just a regular tree in the woodsunfurling my leavesin the warm … Continue reading

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Fraiku: In the Waiting Room

My toes tick faster than a clockwhile my usually reliable companiongoes under the wrench

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At The Beach

At The Beach My castle stood resoluteramparts thick and towers tallseashell embellishmentsand a broken sand dollar sundialsafe in the keep As shadows grew longerwaves eroded wallsthe tide flooded the moat And I celebratedan honest day’s work

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Lost Worlds published by Extinction Rebellion

I’m proud to announce that Lost Worlds, one of my poems-a-day from this April, has been published at the Extinction Rebellion Creative Hub. I strongly encourage all my poet friends to send them any poems you’ve written inspired by the … Continue reading

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Fraiku: Refrigerator Door

Broke my toe closing Jack’s fridgecursing the kitchen cabinetsin the sudden dark Inspired by my favorite haiku of Jack Kerouac: Missing a kickat the icebox doorIt closed anyway

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