Charles Curtis’ Grave

The final grave of this roadtrip is Vice President Charles Curtis, the first vice president with acknowledged non-European ancestry and the only one, so far, with a Native American tribal affiliation. His tombstone reads “Son of the Kanza Nation”.

He was the oldest man elected Vice President until Alben Barkley, whose grave I visited last week. He’s also the last man to remain unmarried throughout his term. Again, VP Barkley was also widowed when elected but he got married while in office.

Curtis is buried in Topeka Cemetery which I can’t recommend highly enough. It is well maintained and has a fair number of interesting monuments, especially for it being so young. Most of the cemeteries I’ve visited during this drive west of the Mississippi have been rather dull.

With VP Curtis in my collection, I now have 33 of the 42 dead Vice Presidents.

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4 Responses to Charles Curtis’ Grave

  1. JeanMarie says:

    The fact that you don’t tell us what president they served with is…. what exactly? Part of some evil plan? :)

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