Sonnet composed while waiting for Anaphylaxis

Sonnet composed while waiting for Anaphylaxis

I couldn’t be certain
I wasn’t already sick
and just not snuffling
so I wore my mask.

Every day I took my temperature
to see if it had raised
into the triple-digits
but I remained stubbornly cool.

Today a second dose of mRNA
was injected into my arm
so I will no longer fear
the contaminated air.

Tomorrow I want to feel sick in solidarity
with all you who built your antibodies the hard way.

(Besides the obvious real-life inspiration, this was also for to this week’s Living Poetry Prompt to write a poem containing the words “air”, “certain” and “raise”.)


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20 Responses to Sonnet composed while waiting for Anaphylaxis

  1. anitashope says:

    Hope it is not bad for you.

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  2. JeanMarie says:

    Yay! Good poem but don’t you dare get sick!

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  3. Best of luck to you. I just slept a bunch on the second one.

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  4. Kritika says:

    Hope you don’t get sick. Rest a lot.

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  5. Patty says:


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  6. Ali Grimshaw says:

    I am grateful to be vaccinated fully. Take care.

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  7. Intriguing. Even more so because I am allergic to almost everything….. Stay safe! Hope it all goes well for you!

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