My Life So Far

For today’s prompt, write an introduction poem. Introduce yourself, introduce a friend, or introduce a stranger. If you don’t wish to introduce yourself, consider writing a persona poem (a poem in which you write from someone else’s point of view like Emily Dickinson or a bumblebee).

My Life So Far

I’ve been playing the poetry game
long enough that I’ve lost track
of how many have been published.
But not so long that I don’t feel
that thrill through my sinews
when one gets accepted.

This is my tenth poem-a-day challenge.
It’s addictive, like a runner’s high,
exerting and exhorting myself poetically—
just put one word in front of the other
until you cross the finish line in May.

Why run a marathon? Why climb Everest?
Why spend the cruellest month each year
writing as if Shakespeare were holding
a Glock to my head? Because the rejections
still suck the enthusiasm from my art
but if I keep trying I hope
to someday get it right.

Welcome to National Poetry Month!

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12 Responses to My Life So Far

  1. Lisa Tomey says:

    And you are so good at getting it right. Welcome to the big month!

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  2. JeanMarie says:

    I love the sentiment this conveys, and the image of Shakespeare holding a glock to your head. I myself will be resting as much as possible this April. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kritika says:

    Wow loved the way you compared running with poetry.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I too, like the image of Shakespeare holding a Glock to your head. This April I am writing 30 form poems for NaPoWriMo. Well that is the theory. Lol 😆

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  5. Cassa Bassa says:

    I wrote something on my blog on the same prompt, I must admit, in comparison to yours, its chalk and cheese…😁

    Liked by 1 person

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