My Wallet

My Wallet

Back when I used paper money,
I’d always arrange the greenbacks
with the dead white men’s faces
looking at me, right-side up,
by descending denomination—
Washington, Lincoln, Hamilton,
Jackson and, if it’s a good day,
a Franklin.

I’m sure I’ve wasted more time orienting
the bills than I would have spent
digging them out from the haphazard.
It’s like trying to write poems
with the same number of lines
in each stanza— a futile effort
at bringing order out of chaos
but sometimes it works.

(Written for the Living Poetry Prompt: Quirk.)


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12 Responses to My Wallet

  1. Cassa Bassa says:

    That’s definitely a quirk!

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  2. r.Douglas says:

    fine folding money foresight

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  3. JeanMarie says:

    HA! This is not a quirk. This is logical, rational, and I still do it because I still pay for things with cash. Not a lot of things, but I always have a few bills in my wallet.

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  4. Lisa Tomey says:

    Goodness, yes, what little I carry must all be facing up. As for the lines in each stanza, I had to count. :) Which is one of my quirks, stanza and syllable counting.

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  5. Funny enough, the bills I might carry are just wadded up in my pockets or purses 😂 my quirks lie elsewhere 😶

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