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Heart Beats is Published!

We are thrilled to announce that Heart Beats: Anthology of Poetry has been published. Such a wonderful selection of poetry is now available for poetry lovers! What is Heart Beats? Heart Beats is an anthology of poetry about the various…

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For a Distant Muse appearing on Spillwords

My poem For a Distant Muse appeared on Spillwords earlier today. It might seem familiar to regular readers since I posted it here last year but it still deserves some views on their platform. Some might even press the little … Continue reading

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My Wallet

My Wallet Back when I used paper money,I’d always arrange the greenbackswith the dead white men’s faceslooking at me, right-side up,by descending denomination—Washington, Lincoln, Hamilton,Jackson and, if it’s a good day,a Franklin. I’m sure I’ve wasted more time orientingthe bills … Continue reading

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Pink Confetti

Pink Confetti from the eastern redbudlitters the parking lotwhere I walk a tightropeof concrete wheel stopslike the boy I was long agoconfident as a balanced eggthat the tilt of the earthwon’t pull me askewthis first day of spring Happy March … Continue reading

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Upon Reflection

Upon Reflection Had our roles been reversedit would’ve been romantic—her tossing playful pebblesagainst my bedroom window Me inviting her inout of the morning coldwhere she asks forgivenessfor dumping me It would’ve been cute—a story worth tellingthe grandchildren But begging her … Continue reading

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My Favorite Season

My Favorite Season It’s not when the leaves turn or the snow falls.It’s not when the flowers bloom or the days are long. It’s when the McRib® is put to bedfor it’s ten month hibernation and the green milkshakes all … Continue reading

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Understanding is a Three-Edged Sword

“There are eight sides to every argument,”she said while sliding through a four-way stop.But I’m a programmer, paid to think in ones and zeroes,ons and offs, trues and false, though I see her pointas the car stops spinning and she … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Elizabeth Barrett Browning!

Today is the 215th anniversary of Elizabeth Barrett Browning‘s birth. Earlier this week I spent some time online with the good folks of Charles House talking about Mrs. Barrett Browning’s poetry. As is our tradition, we wrote a little poem … Continue reading

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Kudzu published at Whispers and Echoes

I’m proud to announce that my poem Kudzu was just published at Whispers and Echoes. I’ve been following W&E for a while now because they post excellent short poetry and I’m honored to have been included. All my gratitude to … Continue reading

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