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The End of Everything

Last night I attended another Science Tonight put on by the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh. This is the first one I’ve attended since the pandemic so it was virtual, of course. The talk was given by … Continue reading

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The Tricky Chickadee

The Tricky Chickadee He sneaks into my yardall sharp and tenacious,wearing a face maskas we all do these days. He rushes a sunflower,steals savory seedsright from its heartthen makes a frantic getaway. From the safety of his ganghigh in the … Continue reading

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Snow Cream

Snow Cream Before we poisoned the rain,I would headlong rushinto fresh fallen snow,carrying sugar and cream. Mixing shades of whitein my home-knit mitten,I would feast on sweetand ruin my dinner. Now I send my grandchildren outsideonly when suited up like … Continue reading

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The End

Originally posted on Extinction Rebellion Creative Hub:
by Bartholomew Barker, United States We ravaged our hotel room like an aging rock star after a career of gold records and groupies. We overachieved, accomplishments both gory and glorious. We flung our…

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Startling Starlings

Feeling more relaxed this afternoon for some reason. Here’s a little poem inspired by a story on the BBC, “The man startling millions of starlings with lasers“. Startling Starlings I see they’re startling starlings now in Rome.What’s next? Hawking hawks … Continue reading

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American Dream Deferred

American Dream Deferred A deeply rooted dreamthat one day this nationwill live out the truemeaning of its creed A dream that little childrenwill one day live not judgedby the color of their skinbut the content of their character I’d like … Continue reading

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Pity the Dupes

Pity the Dupes Lied to by their heroesfed fake news by their mediaencouraged by corporate shillsto destroy the democracythey think they’re defendingwith their flags and guns They are the mislead minoritythe easily manipulatedbut this time instead of fadingback into a … Continue reading

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Boy in a Hospital

Boy in a Hospital I woke up empty—left eye swollen shutwhere they pulledout my memory A lady sits at my bedsideholding my handher eyes meltingunder harsh fluorescents Who is she— who am Ino longer a son or brotherI am alone … Continue reading

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It doesn’t take a weatherman…

It doesn’t take a weatherman… An inch of pure snowfirst of the seasonpromised by local newsmore interested in clicksthan accuracy Early January snow forgivescovers a multitude of sinsleaving the world freshbeautiful as a crystalready for new growth But the anger … Continue reading

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Four Images

Four Images Waking up seasickin my land-locked bed I can still smell my wineyet it lacks flavor Sitting still feelslike giving up The vaccine comes too latefor far too many

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