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untitled poem for the new year

Just another middle of the nightin the middle of the darkbut we all count this twelve o’clockas somehow special So let’s work for something betterlet’s resolve to changemore than just the numberof the year

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Prescription Let’s rip the foil off this new yearlike an unopened bottle of pills—stumbling for the too small tabalong the sticky edgesuntil I just jam my fat thumbthrough it in frustration. Pluck the cotton— bright as the full moonand throw … Continue reading

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The Scent of Snow

The Scent of Snow Peppermint tingles my morningthe Christmas tree fillsthe air of the living roomwith a forest of needlesthe kitchen is cinnamon warmand gingerbread peopled But what did the myrrh smell like?

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Winter Solstice Sonnet

Winter Solstice Sonnet I’ve lived where the solstice airfreezes onto my mustache.Where daylight is a vague glowbehind clouds of dirty slush. I’ve felt that deep ancestral fearthat the sun has given upand we’ll all shiver solid,defeated by the menacing dark. … Continue reading

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Treasure published at Spillwords

I’m pleased to announce that one of my chocolate holiday poems from Milkshakes and Chilidogs called “Treasure” was reprinted at Spillwords. Here’s your chance to read it, if you don’t own my chapbook. And if you don’t own Milkshakes and … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Spacetime While Making a Bed

Thoughts on Spacetime While Making a Bed Gravity repulses meI feel it draggingand distorting my spacelike struggling to walkupstream neck-deep in a river I envy the crows balancedon tree top branchesdancing with each breezeperched there as naturallyas I squat on … Continue reading

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Milkshakes and Chilidogs – by Bartholomew Barker

I read this awesome book of poetry by Bartholomew Barker. Here are just a few of the reviews for this book. You can get your own copy on Amazon

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The Great Conjunction Haiku

Summer trianglepoints to the great conjunctionat winter’s solstice

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For a Distant Muse

For a Distant Muse If you lived next door,I’d knock. The wine has drapedmy evening’s worklike burgundy velvet.The music is tea with milk.Candle shadowsand incense ghostsfill the room.I’m ready to curlaround your warmthand drift into dreams. But our doors open … Continue reading

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