On The Spectrum


On The Spectrum

The world is not black and white
nor is it shades of grey
we live in infinite color
more than our eyes can see

purple is both red and blue and neither
people can be wrong without being evil
poems can be about more than one thing
get used to it

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8 Responses to On The Spectrum

  1. Lisa Tomey says:

    As is life. Nicely done.

  2. Cassa Bassa says:

    I love the message this piece gives.

  3. Katy Claire says:

    So much truth here said in few words. Great poetry. My husband and I were just talking about these thoughts over dinner. Computers alone have 16 million colors. There must be an infinite amount in the natural world that we can’t even see… And certainly there is a spectrum on many things in life.

  4. JeanMarie says:

    Getting a little bossy there at the end. My work here is done.
    (Nice job.)

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