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An Exceptionally American Virus

(I’ll be posting this poem in a more social media friendly format to the big three: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. If you approve, please like and share. Here’s the raw text of the poem for the search engines.) An Exceptionally American … Continue reading

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Sonnet of Random Thoughts on Comets

Sonnet of Random Thoughts on Comets Coming right after my first divorce, I took Comet Hale-Bopp’s beautiful sunset show as a good omen— vivid smudge of yellow in the orange twilight. My second naked eye comet was barely noticed and … Continue reading

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Upon seeing Comet NEOWISE

The only way to perceive your beauty with my naked eye is to look nearby— too delicate is your light, too greedy— my desire.   (Last night I was able to see Comet NEOWISE with my unaided eye. Well, just … Continue reading

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Sonnet for a Comet

Sonnet for a Comet With wandering Zeus and Ares guarding my back, I hunt— binoculars scanning distant trees for something even further. Orion won’t help, he’s resting after a busy winter— this prey is elusive and won’t to return, for … Continue reading

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November Molting

May we break free from this ugly shell a better country (from this week’s Living Poetry Prompt)

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We’re all just particles of music vibrating alone in the cosmos searching for harmony     (Image by Mandy Myers)

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The Short of It

I’m proud to announce that three of my poems have been posted on Susi Bocks’ marvelous blog The Short of It. These haven’t been read before except by Ms. Bocks, those few fellow poets who improved them in workshops and … Continue reading

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