Law and Order


Law and Order

I’m supposed to fear
those in the streets
demanding reforms
and when glass is broken
and tear gas clouds
our vision, it is scary.

But I’m more afraid
of sycophants in suits
ignoring subpoenas,
welcoming bribes,
trading loyalties
for pardons.

Those youngsters with fists
in the air, angry and defiant,
are fighting for me,
for all of us,
who aren’t willing
to lick the boots

of the next petty tantrum
to get a badge or a sash
then spew the platitude
no man is above the law
while wiping shit from his sole
with our Constitution.

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7 Responses to Law and Order

  1. jhkli59gmailcom says:

    I love it, Bart!

  2. Cassa Bassa says:

    It is time like this we watch the resilience of our American brothers and sisters.

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