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Pelé and Poets

The email flirts from my inbox unread. A reply from a journal I submitted my best to many months ago. It bats it’s eyelashes and winks, beckoning, begging for my attention, “Open me. I’ll show you everything.” But like a … Continue reading

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Last Astronaut

Last Astronaut Past midnight on the great plains desolate street light hangs over a gas station The faded sign creaks in the wind peeling paint corroded pump stark fluorescence casting shadows on hard packed dirt I am a fallen astronaut … Continue reading

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Angry Summer Sonnet

Angry Summer Sonnet Do not put your fist through drywall or glass. Do not screech frustration behind shuttered windows. Knock on neighbor’s door. Anger leads to action and action to change. Bring everyone you know. Punch the sky. Let the … Continue reading

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Our Virus

Our Virus We must eradicate this virus infecting our nation. It is dangerous, pervasive and has killed far too many. We know how to fight but intentional ignorance and tribal chest pounding has prevented progress. Science can lead but will … Continue reading

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Checkmate I taught my wife chess too well. She countered all my moves with ease. “Chinese or pizza tonight?” I don’t care. “Pick one.” Okay— Chinese. “Let’s get pizza.” There were also good times— long talks on hikes with dogs, … Continue reading

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Haiku: A bad apple spoils the bunch

A bad apple spoils the bunch Some proverbs ring true Claiming there are just a few bad apples Confirms the bunch is rotten

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Skin-Deep I’ve traced my ancestry, my family, through courthouses and cemeteries and no more than one-sixty-fourth owned other men and only in the jaded view of the law— my shameful heritage, like many of my southern neighbors. How could my … Continue reading

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Law and Order

Law and Order I’m supposed to fear those in the streets demanding reforms and when glass is broken and tear gas clouds our vision, it is scary. But I’m more afraid of sycophants in suits ignoring subpoenas, welcoming bribes, trading … Continue reading

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