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Life is Fair

Life is Fair We all die — all forgotten. No justice after death not even in history books. Our published works, masterpiece or doggerel, burn or molder. The wind shreds what remains to confetti, celebrating our demise. Monks and nuns, … Continue reading

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This evening I attended a NCWN online workshop on ekphrastic poetry, lead by Maureen Sherbondy. She offered several famous paintings as prompts and one of them was Pablo Picasso’s Guernica. I’ve been thinking about the Spanish Civil War a lot … Continue reading

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Mulberries in the Piedmont

Mulberries in the Piedmont From the first snow melt until my coatless hike, I’ve walked under this tree without noticing its mulberries. I rush to pluck the fruit, ripened purple over a warm night, pop juicy morsels in my stained … Continue reading

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Unable to Connect

(From Living Poetry’s Monday Poetry Prompt. Today’s was a Visual Prompt.) Unable to Connect I dropped my phone— well— more like threw it to the pavement— by accident. I can’t check email, no more blinky text alerts, it doesn’t chime … Continue reading

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