Shadow of Venus

Screenshot_2020-02-23 Sir Joseph Noel Paton Hesperus, the Evening Star, Sacred to Lovers 1857 [Fine Paintings 50512] - $138[...]

Hesperus by Sir Joseph Noel Paton

Like Venus smiling in the twilight
you’ve cut a shadow across my life—
imperceptible while upstaged
by the blatant sun or fickle moon

but I still feel your cold caress—
your light whispering in my ear—
every cup of coffee, every sudoku solved,
every wipe of the bathroom sink.

What would you think of me now,
now that we’re in different orbits?
Our lives no longer revolving
around each other but in your spotlight

I’m always performing—
just for you.


(That bright star in the western sky for a couple of hours after sunset is the planet Venus. Blow her a kiss from me.)

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5 Responses to Shadow of Venus

  1. This is beautiful and the art is lovely too!

  2. JeanMarie says:

    Well done on the revision.

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