Singing Silence

20200224_164601Want to hear someone sing one of my poems? Bre Stephens, the founder and editor of The Dark Sire Literary Magazine, is collaborating with Fernando Fidanza and his project, Old Folk for New Poets, where he writes music to accompany a poem. I’m honored that he chose my poem Silence, from the latest Dark Sire, for his project. Check it out!

Maybe it’s just me being a proud parent but I think he did a great job. I love his accent. This is the first time I’ve heard my words sung to music and it affected me more than I’ll admit. Of all my poems, this little horror I wrote for Halloween would have been the last I expected to be turned into song.

Thank you, Bre, and grazie molto, Fernando!


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16 Responses to Singing Silence

  1. JeanMarie says:

    WOW. That’s creepy and wonderful. All of it. Congratulations!

    OMG. I know a famous person!

  2. This is wonderful! Thanks for sharing. You and Fernando are amazing and talented. All my best to the both of you. (~Bre)

  3. Cassa Bassa says:

    Well created both the music and poetic lyrics.

  4. jupitergrant says:

    Fantastic rendering

  5. Thanks Bartholomew for your words, thanks Bre for making this possible and thanks everybody for your comments

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