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Grateful I’m grateful for the spring and Robert Frost seeing the gold within the green. I’m grateful for summer and William Carlos Williams’ dependable wheelbarrow. I’m grateful for autumn and James Wright along the Ohio River. And I’m grateful for … Continue reading

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Waiting at the Bar

Waiting at the Bar Don’t talk to me, I’m quite content watching you pour and mix while I sip and twirl, awash in the hum of other conversations and the ting of silverware. Let me savor these moments, anticipating her … Continue reading

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Drawing A Circle

Drawing A Circle My enemy drew a line in the overheated sand— daring me to cross. With my pen I turned his line into a circle, big enough for us both. Nothing standing in between— no pundits, no internet, no … Continue reading

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Interviewed by Hunting for the Very Best

I was recently interviewed by author and food blogger, Dina Di Maio. We talked about my chapbook, Milkshakes & Chilidogs. Check it out at her blog, Hunting for the Very Best.

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