(Yesterday, I hosted a Germination Workshop where seven poets wrote to nine prompts over two hours. The final prompt was a round robin poem on demand where I wrote to the word “Chromatic” provided by the poet on my right and I offered the prompt “French Fries” to the poet on my left.)



Color is too distracting:
green leaves in the bright sun,
the Italian blue of mid-morning
or a ruddy setting sun
turning under the clouds
into rusty orange hills.

Give me a winter of white snow,
gray slush and the black night.
The red of Betelgeuse
and the blue of Sirius
are about all the color
I can handle.

(I also turned this into today’s Living Poetry Prompt.)

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2 Responses to Chromatic

  1. JeanMarie says:

    Good poem! And I’m glad the event was well attended and productive. One of these days, I will learn to use a calendar, and/or a clock!

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