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Tick-Tock Your television is getting desperate. Soon it will yell accusations and promises, innuendo and fevered dreams. The clock is counting down to Election Day. There’s a reason they spend money on advertising. It works. There are enough stupid people … Continue reading

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Ruthless Being ruthless at chess, clearing the checkered field of battle leads to victory and all the people and horses return unharmed for the next match. Being ruthless at football, playing to injure your opponent only leads to escalating violence, … Continue reading

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That Uncle is Coming to Thanksgiving

That Uncle is Coming to Thanksgiving He used to keep his racist, sexist, homophobic opinions to himself but he discovered the internet and now believes it’s okay to give full voice to whatever his scattered friends in their white privileged … Continue reading

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We the People

It used to be that Labor Day was when campaigns began so things might get a little more political around here. We the People If you believe in Democracy, you should register to vote. If you think you’re registered to … Continue reading

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